Coaching is a simple, but powerful tool to help you work things out. It can give a fresh perspective on something that’s challenging you. It might be a work issue or a personal issue and after coaching, you’ll feel more effective and more satisfied with life – and sometimes not only the area of life you came to coaching to improve. If you’re keen to reduce your stress or improve your work-life balance one of my well-being coaching packages will suit you. If you feel a level of dissatisfaction with your life the values coaching to realign your life with your values might be best.

Code of Practice

As an accredited coach I subscribe to the International Coach Federation code of ethics and my own professional ethics underpin all my work. This is based on confidentiality and respect for diversity.  In a world where reported conduct in public life often falls short of my ideal, I work with honesty and expect clients to work with me in the same spirit. How we as individuals behave towards each other and how we use the world’s natural resources matters; I strive for authenticity and congruence between my opinions and my actions. In the spirit of honesty, my photo was taken a few years ago but not so long ago that you won’t recognise me!

I am committed to maintaining a high degree of integrity in all my dealings with potential, current and past clients in terms of confidentiality and the protection of all personal information received in the course of my work. I maintain the boundaries to support this. I respect the culture, perspective and opinions of clients and their organizations.

I am committed to providing coaching of the highest possible standard respecting you – whatever your age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion.

I value my clients’ opinions and perspectives and strive to be fair and objective in my work.  I am committed to my ongoing personal and professional development and I invest time, money and energy in my professional development as a coach– training, supervision and reflective practice – to maintain and develop the professional standards and expertise I’ve acquired through training and experience.

If coaching is of interest then let’s talk.

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