Mentoring in the Wilderness?

I’m just back from a lovely weekend in the countryside. I was doing some mentoring training with the Wilderness Foundation Once I’ve completed the training, which builds on the coaching training I’ve had in the past, I am hoping to mentor young people with the Foundation. As part of the training we had to […]

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Enough said?

A friend and I were arranging to go to the cinema, making the arrangements by text. “Do you fancy Blue Jasmine?” “Seen it. Very good.” “Fancy another film or would you prefer to leave it for the moment?” “I’m up for a different movie but I’ve been on line and nothing seems that great. Enough […]

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I’ve just returned from a long weekend in Devon. Country walks? Thatched cottages? Cream teas? Something much better! Spending time with some of my birth relatives. I was adopted as a baby, into a family who I loved and who loved me. My wonderful parents understood my need to trace my birth relatives, who I […]

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