A useful book for leaders

What do leaders need?

As leaders move up the hierarchy at work, each promotion provides less and less opportunity to connect with peers. They have to rely more and more on themselves for support. In her book Staying A Head. The Stress Management Secrets of Successful School Leaders, Viv Grant outlines how important it is for leaders to recognise this. The path to leadership rarely includes much training on understanding and responding to one’s own or other peoples’ emotional needs. However, effective leaders need to know how to look after themselves and others. Staying A Head talks about the invisible leadership mask which hides a leader’s inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Viv Grant advises dropping defences and asking for help to support moving from the emotional comfort zone into the emotional stretch zone which is demanded of leaders.

The book outlines how leaders need self-knowledge and support and how coaching can provide this. Easy to read, this well-structured book sets out how coaching can help a leader  and will be useful for current or aspiring leaders in a variety of sectors.


Viv Grant's helpful book on leadership

Viv Grant’s helpful book on leadership