“Kirstie helped to create a space in which I was able to be really honest about the things I was finding challenging in a new more senior role. She was very warm, she did not judge what I said or felt and helped guide me towards ways of handling these challenges.”  

– Catherine, Senior Manager, NHS

“I feel more confident in my leadership skills and over the past year of coaching have really had a sense of growing into my role. The coaching has offered me a chance to think about the various aspects of my leadership role. Kirstie is an incredibly attentive listener and is able to get to the heart of the matter very quickly. Throughout the sessions I felt guided rather than advised and was left with the impression that together we arrived at a conclusion that would work best for me.”  

 – Manager, Charity

“This has been a very positive experience and has contributed to a sense of improved personal resilience.”  

– NHS Manager

“Kirstie’s work has been transformational and shown real performance improvement and business benefit. The coach has really welcomed Kirstie’s approachable and friendly style. I would highly recommend Kirstie to other organisations.”   

– HR Director, Charity

“Kirstie teased ideas for solutions to problems out of me by asking questions and challenging my assumptions and mindset. She has given me confidence in myself through her coaching.”

– Lesley Foote, London

“Kirstie has been an invaluable source of motivation and self-realisation during our coaching sessions. Her approach of asking the right questions and then giving her client time to think by listening is 100% fool-proof. I have not only came to conclusions that probably would take me months to reach without Kirstie’s involvement but also gained skills that will serve me lifetime both in solving any arising work issues but also in dealing with my personal life.”  

– Alex Wiertelarz, Lifestyle Manager at Bilocated Ltd

“It was a pleasure to work with Kirstie. She quickly understood the task in hand and worked hard to prepare and take on board all the necessary background information. The development day she facilitated for us was hugely successful. Her broad understanding meant that she was able to be responsive and flexible to the themes that arose on the day and meet a wide rand of needs. The evaluations said it all. I would not hesitate to use Kirstie again and recommend her most highly.”  

– Dr Julia Whiteman, Postgraduate Dean, Health Education, North West London

“Kirstie is a skilled trainer and coach. She is very person-centered and has a warm and sensitive approach to helping individuals problem sole and discover solutions for themselves. She is also skilled in conflict management and mediation and is able to work skilfully with others to help individuals and groups overcome areas of conflict in the workplace. I would highly recommend Kirstie for her Integrity, passion and commitment.”  

– Viv Grant, Director, Integrity Coaching

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