1:1 Coaching

Let’s discuss what you would like to get from the coaching and agree the overall outcome.  Then we can agree the number, length of coaching sessions and whether they are face to face and if so the venue, or on the phone or over Skype. Many of my clients have 6 face to face sessions for 1.5 hours each with the potential for telephone support in between sessions.

At each individual coaching session we’ll look at what you want from the session and we’ll often review your progress towards your outcome for the coaching in general.

The kinds of issues people to bring to coaching are dissatisfaction with their work-life balance, lack of fulfilment in their work, uncertainty about impending decisions and/or the desire to develop confidence.

Don’t forget, everything you say to me in your coaching session is confidential so it’s a safe place to think things through.

If you are sponsored by your employer then, in the current financial climate, a good return on investment is more important then ever. According to the International Coach Federation Global Coaching Client Study, senior managers who use a professional coach for business reasons see a median 3 fold return on their investment. Coaching results in improved work performance, greater resilience during change and increased personal satisfaction with work.


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